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Empowering and Optimizing Productivity Workforce

Your One-STOP HR Management Solution provider. AI technologies to track Employees’ Time & Attendance.

8HRS is an extensive and comprehensive HR software powered by our integrated cloud-based mobile and web-based platforms, AI application in HR management. Our software which captures the employees Time In & Time Out via Biometric and Face Recognition system.

Solve these Productivity and Operation Gaps in your Company

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Large Workforce requiring Heavy Administration

Let 8HRS do the heavy lifting. Automate attendance, clocking, overtime, claims, leaves, payroll, e-filing, biodata and more! Access AI-generated reports directly on your dashboard.

Mobile Teams Commuting
amongst Multiple Sites

GPS Tracking and Geofencing ensures that your workforce is working at the right place, at the right time. This provides you with situational awareness and maximum productivity.

Managing and Tracking
Project-Based Work

Task management and scheduling modules keep your staff on task and your projects on schedule. Track cost of manhours in the app to keep on top of your budget.

GCompile Your Documents Onto One Platform

Award Winning Features. All Inclusive Functionality.

GPS Tracking & Geofencing

Gives a bird’s eye view of your manpower locations in real-time. It helps you allocate resources and maximise productivity.

Informative Reports

Reports on timeclock, biodata, leaves, claims, salary, CPF, IR8A and advance pay empowers you to make data-backed business decisions.


Automates your employee attendance, work hours and overtime calculations. Integrated with payroll for payslip generation.


Facial recognition technology ensures data integrity of attendance record and manhours clocked by your employees.


Cloud-based repository to manage all of your employees’ information. Search and retrieve records in seconds anytime, anywhere.

Tasks & Schedule

Streamlines tasks scheduling and manpower allocation for supervisors, disseminates task information to staff and keep them on track.


Enables leave to be applied, checked, approved, processed by workers, managers and HR personnel anytime, anywhere.


Fuss-free self-submission, approval and processing of claims by workers and managers. It saves your company valuable work time.


Automated pay calculation, computation of CPF payable, funds contribution, SDL amount and payslip generation.

Advance Pay

Allows self-application, calculation and tracking of advance pay. Automatic computation of monthly repayment and salary deduction


Simplifies CPF e-submissions, IRAS IR8A submissions (Auto Inclusion Scheme) and Bank Giro submissions.


Smoothens every aspect of the appraisal process, delivers clarity, consistency, speed and ease for both management and staff.

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Streamline your disjointed HR systems and processes from as low as 20¢ per employee a day!

Is your company still patching together manual processes and using multiple outdated software to manage your workforce?

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Streamline clocking, overtime, claims, leaves, payroll, e-filing, biodata, scheduling, rostering, budgeting, location tracking and more!

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