Know Your Visitors

8xpand Safe Access is an ideal visitor management system for visitors & contractors in collaboration with BCA, TraceTogether, MOM Comcare, SG Workpass, Swab Test and more.

Streamline Management of Vaccination Records for your Workplace

Keep your workplace a safe and secured environment

Safe Access helps simplify collecting proof of vaccinations and
managing approvals for people entering your facility. Whether it’s self-certification and declaration, or monitoring and compliance reporting—
Workflows can be tailored to your needs

Getting started  with us is as quick as it sounds

How It Works

Setting Up

We setup our biometrics devices at your premises.


Start deploying your visitor software account to manage immediately


Configure and integrates the necessary features to better optimize your system.

Manage your visitors from QR code to declaration forms

Our Key Features

Reporting and Analytics

Track people flows at multiple sites and run reports on the purpose of your guest’s visit.

Temperature and Health

Track employee daily Temperature and Health analytics

Badge Printing

ID Bade printing integrated on the spot.

Customizable Forms

Visitor Declaration forms are customizable to your needs.

Instant Notifications

Be alerted when your visitor arrives and choose to accept or reject with messages.

Cloud Based

Secured all your data in the cloud.

Manage Your Workplace with Us

Start managing your check-in processes and keep track of all your visitors and employees. Customise, collaborate, and communicate.